Social Basketball Brisbane

I am the target text.

Do I need to have played before?
All our games are social so we welcome new, experienced and returning players.

Will I fit in with everyone?
All of our players are looking to play a social and relaxed game of Basketball. If that sounds like you too then I am sure you will fit in fine :)

4 Reasons to join us this week?

  1. Local Basketball Venue – We have 8 courts around Brisbane so you can find a court near you.
  2. Meet New Friends – Find other players in Brisbane that enjoy playing Basketball, you are guaranteed to have at least one thing in common!
  3. Memorable Weeknights – Mix up your weeknights with some exercise, excitement and laughs with friends.
  4. Beginner Players Welcome – We often get new players joining us for a fun way to learn the game, after a few weeks we will be calling you a Pro.