Social Soccer Brisbane

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What is the skill level like?

You can choose to join our social or intermediate nights of games.

If you have played regularly before I recommend the ‘Intermediate’ night and if you are new or haven’t played in a while I recommend the ‘Social’ night.

All of the players at our Competitions are looking to play for fun rather than to win at all costs. If you are looking to win at all costs you would be better playing in a different more competitive competition.

Is it going to be hard to fit in?

Almost every individual player that joins is worried that they might not fit in with the team. 

Everyone at SportUP is friendly and looking to make new friends. And with over 5,834 other young professionals playing, you are sure to meet some new friends.

We have even had a few SportUP relationships first start at games or social events… 

What are the main rule differences?

Social Soccer Brisbane is sometimes called 5-a-side Football or 5-a-side Soccer. It is a fun fast paced version of regular 11-a-side Football.

There are 4 outfield players and one goalkeeper on each team. The pitch is approximately a quarter of a full sized pitch and this means you are always close to the ball and involved in the game, no matter where you are on the pitch.

Social Soccer games are also often more high scoring than outdoor games with most teams scoring around 5 goals per game in our competitions. There are no offsides or throw-ins, just pass the ball back in with your feet when the ball goes out.

There are unlimited substitutions so whenever you are tired you can take a break and a teammate can take over. Lastly, we use a Futsal ball which is a bit smaller and bounces less than a regular ball. We find this encourages more of an attacking passing game rather than a disjointed long ball game.

7 Reasons to join us this week

  1. Meet New Friends – All our social soccer Brisbane teams are social and friendly.
  2. Individuals Welcome – We are the only club built for individual players so we welcome players rather than view them as an annoyance.
  3. Have fun getting fit – Enjoy being outside and laughing with friends instead of being stuck in the soulless sterile atmosphere at the gym.
  4. Everything Provided – All the balls, official Futsal goals and other players are provided.
  5. Beginners Welcome – We have games for all skill levels.
  6. 100% Satisfaction – If for any reason you don’t enjoy your game we will refund the amount back to you within 24hrs of first game.
  7. Friendly referees – There is one friendly referee at each game so if you have any questions at the game you have a real person to talk to.